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Meet our Practice Areas

C&C Lawyers, provides our clients with legal counsel, seeking above all, to provide prompt and efficient solutions to their problems and concerns. In particular, our practice encompasses the following legal areas:

Insurance and Reinsurance

Advice in contracting complex, high risk or collective insurances in all their branches- general, life or credit insurances. Claims liquidation. Insurance claims, including preliminary loss and claim analyses, filings, loss adjustments, negotiations and dispute resolution processes. Litigation and dispute resolution of insurance claims and related civil liability claims.

  • Drafting and revising Insurance policy, contracts and instrument. 
  • Insurance and Reinsurance brokerage. 
  • Legal recoveries in property and warranty.

Civil liability and tort

Our team of lawyers has a vast experience in Civil claims, contractual liability and tort, whereas it affects companies or individuals. Accidents, professional, company and director’s liability. 

Dispute resolution and litigation 

At Contreras & Cia. Attorneys 

  • Civil, commercial, penal and insurance litigation. Labor law, tax and customs litigation.
  • Asset forfeiture and execution procedures, third party claims, consumer disputes and litigation, medical malpractice.
  • Complex litigation and dispute resolution and multi-party litigation.
  • Domestic and international arbitration.
  • Mediation and negotiation.

Real State Law

Integral advice in real-state contracts and the purchase sale of real-state. Drafting and revision of warrants, mortgages, promissory contracts, purchase sale contracts and other real state contracts. Financing, titles revision, land purchasing, permitting, construction works and sales or leases. Drafting, revising, negotiating and closing lease agreements. Lease related dispute resolution and litigation. Lifting of warrants and mortgages. Drafting and revising co-ownership and building rules and regulations as well as dispute resolution in the said area. 

Subdivisions. We evaluate the market and real state potential of diverse lands throughout Chile, located in both urban and rural areas. We design innovative master plans of plots and residential condominiums, insuring high design standards in all of our projects. We work alongside architects of diverse specializations focused on designing and approving rural subdivision projects for residential uses.

Hereditary law

Drafting and opening of wills, partition lawsuits, transfer of hereditary rights and other matters related to hereditary law.

Consumer rights, competition law 

Comsumer rights and competition law. Fines and litigation related to consumer protection law. Individual and class actions. Drafting and revision of contracts. Advisory and representation before public bodies, banks and financial institutions.

Labor Law

Workers representation in labor law litigation. Denouncing unjustified dismissals. Work related accidents. Collection of work related indemnifications. Representation before administrative authorities such as the Work Inspection.

Company law

Advice in all matters relating to the constitution and creation of all kinds of companies, under any societal form, including individual companies, LLC´s or cooperatives. M&A and shareholders or partners agreements. Due Diligence. Corporate governance advisory. CSR. Advice and assistance in board and shareholder´s meetings. Directors and Managers assistance with corporate formalities and other legal obligations. Foreign investment including Joint-Ventures.

Insolvency, bankruptucy and Restructuring practice

We have the right tools to face insolvency and financial distress situations. We guarantee comprehensive advice to companies in insolvency cases, reorganization and liquidation procedures, and restructurings. We represent debtors, creditors and interested third parties.

In this area we interact with watchdogs, inspectors, bankruptcy examiners, the Superintendencia de Insolvencia y Reemprendimiento, Courts, public and private entities, among others.

  • Company restructurings; 
  • Company reorganization; 
  • Asset liquidation;
  •  Recovery of debts; 
  • Debtors defense and financial advice.

Domestic and International trade

Collaboration agreements and distribution contracts. Concession agreements, agency, licencing contracts, franchise, and know-how. Maritime and Air Law. Transport of goods, custos and insurance. Commercial arbitration. Negotiations and cases related to purchase sale contracts, service contracts and international supply of goods.

Public Procurement practice

Public procurement regulations govern contracts celebrated between a puclic entity and a private company, to procure construction works, the supply of goods or other services. We focus on both Government and private companies, in the relationships that may arise between them. In tender procedures and other types of public procurement contracts, it´s essential to act quickly, but carefully. We have experience and comprehend how technical rules apply in practice; We provide advice at every step by being your strategic and operational guide. Our team closely follows changes in procurement policies and decisions made by public sector buyers.

If something goes wrong, at any moment of the procurement process, and during the contract period, we promote best practices either by initiating a dialog with the authority or, if necessary, submitting a complaint before whom it corresponds. 

In this field, we relate with Contraloría General de la República, the Public Procurement Tribunal, Dirección de Compras y Contratación Pública (ChileCompra), and Goverment Authorities, such as Ministry of Public Works, Central de Abastecimiento del Sistema Nacional de Servicios de Salud, among others.

We provide legal advice in each stage of the contracting procedure with the administration (by public or private tender, direct treatment or framework agreement); Challenge of acts when appropriate; Evaluation of  the content of tender conditions and exercise of our clients rights in its regard; We monitor the correct fulfillment of the contract on behalf of our clients’ interests.

Regulation practice

Economic regulation has become a central topic for a good market functioning. Nowadays, from different instances, better regulation is promoted including an effective implementation of different instruments, including supervision, enforcement of regulations, and the sanctions for non-compliance. Our team has the skills and experience for an effective regulatory dialog, in order to watch for the interests of its representatives. We can provide to our clients an effective orientation in the compliance with regulations in the fields of our expertise, to assist them regarding supervision activities including inspections and represent them in administrative proceedings.

Monitoring, follow-up, and dialogue in regulatory developments and proceedings; Presentation and training on new regulation; Development and implementation of regulatory compliance programs regarding new regulations; Legal representation of parties in administrative proceedings; Damages lawsuits for regulation infringements. 

We focus our practice in financial regulation in the insurance sector, and life sciences regulation.

Competition Law practice

Law and regulation of market competition aim to correct conduct and structures that allow the illegitimate exercise or the illegitimate obtaining of market power. Our team has extensive experience and is always alert to the policy and legal developments in the field, both, in the country and abroad. We provide our clients an effective guidance on compliance with competition law and regulations, as a direct legal advice to companies and individuals, as well as in administrative or judicial proceedings. We provide a professional representation in litigation, when applicable. 

In this field we relate with the Chilean competition authorities (Fiscalía Nacional Económica and Tribunal de Defensa de la Libre Competencia), and we profit from our networks with law firms abroad.

  • Legal advice on competition law compliance; 
  • Design and implementation of compliance programs in competition law;
  •  Handling investigations led by Fiscalía Nacional Económica; 
  • Litigation before the Tribunal de Defensa de la Libre Competencia;
  •  Advice and support in leniency requirements; 
  • Competition law clearance for mergers and acquisitions and joint ventures; 
  • Advice and support in pro-competition changes to sector regulations;
  •  Competition private damages claims.

Criminal representation

Our team is highly-qualified to assume the defense and criminal representation in judicial proceedings and investigations, related to economic, tax, environmental and sexual crimes, as well as negligence liability. We provide services of the highest quality by delivering complete and efficient advice to clients exposed to criminal matters, either in one or several proceedings. Our work includes the adaptation of experienced teams for clients’ needs.

    Criminal compliance

    In response to an increase in the quantity and complexity of crimes which make corporate entities criminally responsible, our team provides the preventive and reactive legal advice required today. We also advise our clients in terms of regulatory compliance and the design and implementation of preventative offence programmes in the business area.